aimbot hit can only be retrieved via the AIMBOT_HIT callback in all examples below shot is the aimbot shot

local function on_aimbot_hit(shot)
    print("shot at", shot.player:get_player())

callbacks.add(e_callbacks.AIMBOT_HIT, on_aimbot_hit)



id int

shot id

player entity_t

player entity the shot hit

damage int

the damage the shot did

safepoint bool

whether the final shot was safe

backtrack_ticks int

how many ticks were backtracked

hitgroup e_hitgroups

what hitgroup the shot hit

aim_damage int

the predicted damage that the aimbot thought this shot would do

aim_hitchance int

the chance this shot would hit the target

aim_safepoint bool

whether the aimbot shot was a safepoint

aim_hitgroup e_hitgroups

hitgroup aimed at

aim_hitbox e_hitboxes

hitbox aimed at

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