aimbot shot can only be retrieved via the AIMBOT_SHOOT callback in all examples below shot is the aimbot shot

local function on_aimbot_shoot(shot)
    print("shot at", shot.player:get_player())

callbacks.add(e_callbacks.AIMBOT_SHOOT, on_antiaim)



id int

shot id

player entity_t

player entity the aimbot shot at

damage int

the predicted damage the shot will hit for you

hitchance int

the chance that the shot will hit, depending on spread

safepoint bool

whether the final point was a safepoint

hitbox e_hitboxes

what hitbox the aimbot shot at

hitgroup e_hitgroups

hitgroup the aimbot shot at

backtrack_ticks int

how many ticks were backtracked

extrapolated_ticks int

how many ticks the aimbot extrapolated, -1 if not extrapolated

shoot_pos vec3_t

world coordinates of where we shot from

hitpoint_pos vec3_t

world coordinates of the point shot at

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